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The Power Hour Sessions

The most important, focused hour of your business mentoring, ensuring that you are on the right track and able to tackle any issue or challenge going forward.



the power hour

My most popular programme. You can use your power hour with me in a 1:1 mentoring session for anything you need. Looking to understand email marketing and setting up automation processes? Needing to see why your online marketing is not working or why visitors are simply not responding to your website?

This hour is dedicated to you and your business. We focus on what your issue, concern or challenge is at the time and you will get clear concise action plans and answers so you can move forward with confidence.

As each session will be different (depending on your requirements), these can be booked on an ad-hoc basis (as and when needed) or (as some clients prefer), have regular monthly sessions.

You may need help with your website or marketing. Need to understand and implement marketing solutions such as email marketing. Maybe you need help with an ongoing project or rollout of a new service or product. Whatever your power hour requirement, it is for you!

This is the most powerful session you will have and I guarantee you will come away with a stack of actionable items and information. Book these as and when you need to.



A full dedicated 1:1 hours session with myself to tackle any issues you may have with online marketing or need advice and guidance with systems such as your website, social media, etc.

At the end of the session you will have all the tools and information you need to confidently move forward ready to face your next challenge.

Yes of course. Firstly let me know exactly what you need to get from the session and the issues you maybe having. Once we I have this we simply book you in for a your power hour and you are good to go. 

As many as you need. So if you feel that you need to do one a month we can pre-book these in. If you feel that you want to do these as and when you need to, simply book them online.

Before each session we outline what you need to get from your power hour. IF for any reason we go over then there are further charges per the hourly rate.

Rest assured we will keep to the time and make sure you get everything need from the session(s).

Sessions are held on Zoom as this is the easiest way for me to get information and documents if required. If you prefer an in-person session, these can be catered for but depends on your location and times. Note that in-person session will incur additional fees to cover travel expenses.

Each hour session is £85 and can be booked and paid for online or you can complete the discovery form below to get started.

Once you have paid online and booked in your date and time, I will then call you to discuss what you want to get from the session.


from my clients

I met with Mark as I was having some concerns and issues over the website that my web company was building. Not fully understanding the processes involved, and getting no real communication from them, I was unsure if the work they were providing was to the level and standard expected.

Mark provided a full overview of the site as it currently stands (in it's development stage), identified and number of key areas that my web company need to address and gave detailed breakdown of ideas for future development once the site was ready. The information provided is invaluable and something that the wed company has not addressed with me or even considered - an hour well worth the money!
Linda Edwards
The Vehicle Wrapping Company
I contacted Mark as I needed to start implementing email marketing into my business and was unsure on which platforms to use or even how to get started. By the end of the session, Mark had given me a clear idea of the best systems to use, best practices to get users to leave the emails on my site and even how to utilize my existing email list to gain maximum return from the list.

We even had time for Mark to take me through a mini training session on using Active Campaign and how to integrate it into my site
Will certainly be ordering more sessions with Mark over the coming weeks!
Lauren Tingley
Mama Gleam
Fantastic training session with Mark, and got far more out of it than I could have ever expected. Through his experience, different businesses he runs, and with a great personality he gave absolutely brilliant training session. When asked questions he was incredibly helpful being able to give additional information well above anything I could have expected so really pleased I attended and highly recommend Mark as he really knew his stuff.

This training was all followed up with a personal email just a couple of hours later giving links to web sites specific to me and my new plans, and I know he's there to help if I have more questions. Thanks so very much!
David Brooks
Mark has a special gift in helping people to see things in a clearer and easier way. My session with him was purely on my Facebook page, how to post, what to post and when to post. He took me through all the aspects of Facebook posting and Marketing, as well as showing me how to get my followers to interact with my social marketing. The hour went so quick but the information I received is priceless.
Sylvester Swanston
Utility Warehouse Partner


book you session for £85

Booking your session is very easy!

To book your Power Hour session with me, please complete the following form, completing all the fields.

Once received, I will contact you to confirm our session, and times and send you all the relevant information you will need.

I look forward to working with you and help your business to succeed online.

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